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About Dried Cocoa Banana Bites

  • Flavour: Sweet & Chocolatey
  • Texture: Chewy 
  • Ingredients; Bananas, Pure Cocoa Powder 
  • Calories per serving: 62
  • Each bag is made from 1.3 lbs of fresh bananas and weighs 105 grams after dehydration
  • No sugar or preservatives added


If you love bananas or chocolate, this is the snack for you.  When you eat them, you first taste the cocoa, followed by a rush of sweetness from the bananas. This snack is 100% natural and is loaded with potassium and fibre. 

You can eat cocoa banana bites as a snack or add them to your yogurt, granola, cereal, smoothies, or oatmeal. Take your dried cocoa banana snack with you wherever you are and satisfy your cravings the healthy way.

Dried Cocoa Banana Bites

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