Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products made in-house?

They sure are! All of our products are made at our production facility in Okotoks, AB. To ensure high quality, we produce everything in small batches.


Are the dried fruits vegan-friendly and gluten-free?

Of course! We don’t use additives containing animal products or gluten. All we do is dry the fruits and pack them. All our products are processed in our own production facility, which avoids cross-contamination with animal products or gluten.


How long do these dried fruits stay fresh?

Dried fruit can last up to a year if stored in an airtight container. However, we recommend keeping an unopened bag for 4 – 6 months to ensure maximum freshness. Any longer than that, and the dried fruits are fine to eat, but they may be a little stale. For an opened bag, it’s best to consume the dried fruit within two weeks. And remember to seal them tightly after every snacking session! Otherwise, the atmospheric moisture could make them go stale much quicker.


Do you use any oils in processing?

No! We dehydrate our fruits using air circulation and gentle heat.


Are there any sulphites in the dried fruits?

Not at all! We like to keep things simple, which is why we only dry and pack them.


I’m a diabetic. Does that mean I can’t eat the dried fruit?

Well, fruit does contain natural sugars, so it could be dangerous if you don’t moderate your consumption. We recommend you review our nutritional label at the back of our packaging and consult your doctor about the appropriate amount you can safely consume.


What’s your shipping policy?

Orders arrive within 3 to 7 business days. Shipping rates vary based on order size as follows:

  • $0 - $35 ($10 shipping fee)

  • $35 - $55 ($8 shipping fee)

  • $55 - $75($5 shipping fee)

  • $75 - $99($3 shipping fee)

  • $99 and above($0 shipping fee)

We currently only ship within Alberta, but we will start shipping Canada-wide in the near future.